Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ferguson cium tangan Benitez..muakakaka


Media Cyber said...


Media Cyber said...

aku nak berita politik weh! bukan gambar ferguson bongok ni wahhh! hahahahahahha!

My Longest Yard said...

hehehe...sekali sekala kita tengok adegan yang meruntun jiwa nih..wakakak...

Udin said...

Weiiii...huahuahuahauaa...lu jgn bakar MU Fan weiii....hahaha..tapi betul gak....sesekali tgk adegan yang meruntun jiwa best gak.....kahkahkah...

My Longest Yard said...

Kepada Red Devils,

"Jangan Marah aaaaa...muakakaka"

Hidup umpama roda, kadang di atas, kadang di bawah...hehe

chipsmore said...

tak kenal pon mamat mamat ni..haha

coolooc said...

When this Najib speaks, it makes you sick in the stomach.

Whether he steps down or not, makes no different to the country because the whole Umno and BN machinery are all crooks.

Vote them out and send them to space, that is the only answer.

romsam said...

Today Malaysia has jungle law, kangaroo court and underworld police! Anyone up to date with Malaysia current status would have little difficulty in advising PR to stay away from the "lawless authorities".

vesewe said...

It is not surprise that BN had done all the shameless things which possible exist in this word!

They are a group of scum, shit and rubbish that never know shame and never respect human rights!

I wonder why there are still some fools that never realise and keep on supporting corrupted BN!

Boleh said...

You stinking malay pig, please get the f*** back to your own land in Aceh or Jawa, whatever. Because this is Tanah Orang Asli and malay pig like you are pendatang!

To non-malays……….time and time again we have said that the malays are from Jawa. I always say that they are from Aceh, Sumatra, etc - do you see anyone of these racists (obviously malays) objecting to that fact?

This is the truth and they cannot handle this. They don't dare say that because it is so true! Even Mahathir admitted recently - the origins of the malays are not Malaysia but Indonesia - Sumatra and island etc.

The real bumis are the natives of Borneo and the Orang Asli. Not these malay free loaders and wasted sperms.

"Son of the soil" incorrect! More appropriate term would be "Rapist of the soil"! Malays are pendatang, they called Chinese and Indians pendatang! Tak malu!

To malays pendatang from Indonesia, you are also enemy to Indonesia, stupid! Apa? Tak faham English? Makan tahi dan berambus balik ke Jawa! Setia kepada negara Indonesia! So are you, malay pig!

Aren't you a bloody hypocrite? You are not the Orang Asli of this country - you are an immigrant from Jawa, Sulawesi, all elsewhere - why did you come here to this country then?

Why not help your own country (or should I say your dilapidated kampung in Jawa) and improve the situation then? What……….what did you say? Oh you want a better life is it? I see - so what does that make you? A patriotic fake? Or a hypocrite with no substance?

Compare China and Indonesia - then tell me who is faring better in the international stage! You useless malay pig. At the end of the day - you work for me.

Obviously, you are worse than shit. Not pigs, for pigs are really smart animals. Tanah Melayu my ass! Orang Asli were here before your ancestors crept onto this land. Learn some history, ok? Of course, you can always change history! Tak malu kah!

You are sick in the brain, thanks to Mahathir!

Chinese got pissed off as not all Chinese are rich, but all work their asses off to make an honest living, while idiots like you think that you are entitled to riches without sweating. What discontent? After all the handouts all these years, you still couldn't get your acts together, and you want to blame others, the Chinese, the Indians? Where is your dignity?

What anger? You get angry at the Olympics because malays can't run faster than the Americans? The Aussies? The Chinese? (Just imagine some of you jokers made it to the Olympics, although none did!)

If you want to run amok, go ahead, join the apes and chimpanzees, your kind have been doing that at Perak, brainless monkeys they are, and so are you, go flock together.

The reason why malays tend to run "amok" is because of close relative breeding. Just like non-high breed dogs - brother have sex with the mother, and father marry their own sister, and the confusion goes on.

The end result is non-high breed dogs - that are difficult to train and tend to even bite their own master. Unlike the Chinese, they are very careful not to have too close relative marrying one another.

That is why you can see how Chinese excel in different part of the world. The Chinese are indeed a world race now, as China progress with such speed which is unknown off in any other race in the world!

Singapore is a fine example of Chinese superiority! Sad news for the malay race but then again it is the truth!

konek said...

Looks like the morons in UMNO/BN never learns!

My Longest Yard said...

Cooloc, Romsam, Vesewe, Boleh & Konek adalah orang yg sama...

Semua mengalami masalah mental yg serius. Takut kepada bayang-bayang.